A Small Glimpse into my Life

About Me


Hello and thanks for visiting fitforthemommies. My name is Lauren and I am a wife and stay at home mom of two precious children. I have always been a lover of all things fitness and hope to share my passion with you!


I grew up in Florida and Tennessee immersed in athletics throughout my childhood and teenage years. I went on to play collegiate volleyball at King University (go Tornado!) and was part of a very successful program during my four years in attendance. I have always loved competition and (surprisingly) the training involved with athletics as well.

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While at King University, I met the love of my life and future husband David. We were married following his senior year of college in 2008 and moved to Blacksburg, VA where he began medical school at VCOM. I taught elementary school and fitness classes on the side for 5 years while David finished medical school.

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We then welcomed our daughter Madelyn into the world in 2012. What a bright spot she has been in our lives! Since her birth, I have been fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with her and be a full time mommy.


Two years later, God granted us with another sweet blessing-our sweet baby Noah. Noah has been such a blessing to us all and we are quite lucky to call him ours. We now live in North Carolina as David finishes up his infectious disease fellowship-the never ending training of a doctor is crazy! I still stay at home with my two lovelies and teach group fitness classes on the side. It’s certainly a crazy, but beautiful life!


Before children, I had the luxury of going to the gym when it was convenient for myself and while there I could spend as much time as I wanted working out. I could even go run without pushing a stroller! How things have changed since then! I have learned that being a wife and mother requires balance and adjusting workouts to family life.

IMG_7754Don't know why I look so happy.

After playing college volleyball, I sincerely thought running was going to be what kept me in shape. However, I have found that for myself the most effective and attainable fitness regime as a busy mom has been cardio (running, cycling, swimming, etc.) in addition to weight lifting (heavy or sometimes short HIIT). I love the feeling of being strong and lifting heavy when possible (and there was a time I never thought I would say that!). I never truly understood the beauty and effectiveness of a quick high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout before having children. But I have learned that balancing the roles of wife and full-time mom while trying to live a healthy lifestyle often means condensing a strong workout into a short amount of time. I sometimes still dream about those leisurely days at the gym or quiet runs by myself. One day it will happen again, but for now I will embrace my babies and the extra commitments that come along with them.


I hope you find some workouts and other healthy tips here that are helpful to you! Thanks again for dropping by!


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