Total Body HIIT Workout #2

Today was my first day of teaching my new HIIT class. It was certainly a tough one, but a good one! We completed the following 10 exercises with a 50 second work period and 10 second rest period for 3 rounds (which equates to a 30 minute workout). We did take a 90 second break in between each round. We finished up the class with an ab blaster which I will happily share later :).


  1. Standing Mountain Climbers
  2. Spiderman Pushup (or regular pushup, or knee pushup)
  3. Switch Lunge Hop to Forward Kick
  4. Tricep Row to Kickback
  5. Jack Abs (or substitute regular jumping jacks)
  6. Renegade Rows
  7. 4 Squat Hops to 4 Switch Lunges
  8. Burpees
  9. Clock Lunges (forward, side, back)
  10. In/Out Bicep Curls

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the movements. Also, please let me know if you need further modifications to any of the movements because of difficulty or if you simply don’t have weights. There are so many bodyweight exercises that can be substituted if needed and I would love to help you! I do enjoy using weights when possible to add an extra challenge and build some extra muscle mass. However, both weighted and non weighted exercises are great and help shape and tone the body. Let me know what you think!


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