Leg Circuit Workout and 2 Unexpected New Gym Buddies

You can learn a lot about people by observing their habits at the gym. I’ve been going to our new fitness center for about 3 weeks and of course I’ve started to see and get to know the “regulars” that are often there during the same time as me. I try to remember my headphones so I am able to get in and out pretty quickly, however there’s always those creepers trying to disrupt my workout and chat me up regardless if my headphones are in or not…once again, did you not see I have my headphones in?

Anyways, because I was trying to film some of my  exercises today I did not have my headphones plugged into my ears. However, it turned out to be a positive “inconvenience”.  While squatting on my first set, I couldn’t help but notice the two sweet older gentlemen in the rack next to me throwing up some serious weight. We started chatting and I came to find out that they were indeed 76 years old! Yes, 76 and squatting like bosses. Hands down, I have to say older men and women who are still in the gym working out like they’re in their 30’s has to be just about the one of most inspiring things to witness. I told them how much watching them motivated me and I sincerely hope they took that to heart. So I now like to think I have 2 new gym buddies…hopefully the feeling is mutual of course :). And goodness I can only hope when I forget my headphones next time, they will talk to me so I can avoid my favorite “Rich Froning wanna-be”.

So back to today’s workout, I pretty much killed my legs. I completed 3 different leg supersets with inclined 600’s in between each. My legs were screaming! I included a few extra shots in the video clip below to show you how all of these exercises can be modified at home if needed. I prefer to have the access to the heavier weights in the gym and be able to switch up my movements with different types of equipment, but I understand not everyone is able to get to a fitness center for various reasons. So I promise, I am doing my best to make those adjustments for you. Also, some of the movements are difficult to film in the gym, so I filmed those at home as well.

Circuit Leg Training

  • 1 mile warmup at 1.0 incline

Superset 1 (12-15 reps each, 3 rounds with little to no rest in between)

  • Squats (home modification: use dumbbells or perform air squats)
  • Deadlifts (home medication: use dumbbells or no weights, pausing 3-5 seconds at the bottom)

*After the weighted superset, I ran 600m on the treadmill @ 3.0 incline

Superset 2 (12-15 reps each, 3 rounds with little to no rest in between)

  • Sumo squat with Leg Lift (I used a shortened weighted barbell at the gym for the extra core work, but these can be done at home as shown or without weight)
  • Overhead Forward Lunges (home modification: use dumbbells or no weight. Tip: anytime you hold weights above you as shown in the video, your core is engaged more and requiring more balance).

*After the weighted superset, I ran 600m on the treadmill @ 4.0 incline

Superset 3 (12-15 reps each side, 3 rounds with little to no rest in between)

  • Cable Donkey Kicks (home modification: donkey kicks on the floor as seen in the video)
  • Side Plank Leg Inner Leg Lifts

*After the weighted superset, I ran 600m on the treadmill @ 5.0 incline

Also, if you do not have access to a treadmill for the running portion, you can substitute a cardio exercise instead (high knees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, etc.). The intervals took me about 3 minutes each. However, you can make this a strict leg workout by leaving out the cardio as the weight training in and of itself is a great cardiovascular workout when completed with little to no rest.

And back to my friends at the gym, I’m interested to know who or what motivates you? As always, please let me know if you have any questions or need further modifications!



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