Weekend Total Body Workout with my Mini-me

Happy weekend ya’ll! I hope it was a fabulous one filled with quality time with loved ones. My husband David has been working crazy hours this week at the hospital, and the kids and I really missed him the last few days. Being married to a resident is very difficult during those weeks, and I am very thankful that he only has two years left. Needless to say the kids and I were pretty bummed out a good bit of the week, so I was determined to get out and enjoy the weekend with my two lovelies. 


We went to the Apple Fest in Winston Salem and had the best time! The kids loved the petting zoo-I think it may have been their favorite part! Between all of the fun activities at the festival and all of the delicious food and drinks we consumed, I think it was fair to say we had a fantastic weekend! Welcome fall, we’ve really missed you!


Sunday rolled around quickly and my little buddy and I put in a quick morning workout. I love exercising with my rambunctious little Maddy Lou. She loves being active with mama and I really cherish those moments. It really has surprised me how much she truly watches me and strives to be just like me. Since becoming a mom, it has made me even more determined to model a healthy and active lifestyle for my children in hopes they will continue on in the same way as they grow older. I also always want my daughter to know that she is a strong female that can do anything she sets her mind to, no matter what society or other people tell her. Strong mamas make strong babies. Remember that!

Total Body Workout

Complete these movements in order as quickly as possible for a total of 4 rounds

  • 20 Dumbell/Kettlebell Swings
  • 20 Thrusters
  • 20 Jump Lunges (total)
  • 15 Alternating Dumbell/Kettlebell snatch (total)
  • 15 Ab Roll-Ups with Jump
  • 10 Ninja Jumps with Tuck Jump (I also filmed a modifier at the end for this move as this one can be pretty difficult for beginners).

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