18 Minute At Home HIIT Workout

I wanted to write a short post today on a quick, but effective workout that I completed this morning. This workout focuses more on cardio and core strength as opposed to heavier weight training. I did use weights for an added strength component on the burpees, but you can always do a regular burpee to make this workout completely bodyweight. As a side note, I’m still working on improving in yoga so my down dog with spider knee form is still a work in progress :). This workout only takes 18 minutes to complete this workout. Go hard, and make those 18 minutes count!

18 Minute At Home HIIT Workout

*Complete each move in the order listed*

*50 second hard work period with a 10 second rest*

*3 rounds for a total of 18 minutes*

  1. Burpees (weights optional)
  2. Down Dog alternating spider knees (switch legs halfway through)
  3. Squat with Alternating Knee Ab
  4. 2 Wide Leg Half Burpees to 2 Star Jumps
  5. Pogo Hop Right Leg (modification: leave out hop and/or place foot on ground after each rep for extra support)
  6. Pogo Hop Left Leg


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