18 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Looking for a quick workout you can do at home with absolutely no equipment? Here it is. This workout focuses on a handful of muscle groups-legs, shoulders, chest, and core. Try it out and let me know what you think!

18 Minute Bodyweight Workout

*Complete each movement in order for 50 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest

*Repeat exercises for 3 rounds (total time=18 minutes)

  1. Windmill Jumping Jacks: emphasize reaching down to touch the opposite toe and really fire up those obliques while working your legs
  2. Alternating Plank Up-Downs with Hip Dip: alternate leading arm each rep; remember to keep your hips up
  3. Glute Bridge Right: can modify by placing grounded foot on the floor; focus on really pushing that heel to the ceiling to get the full hip extension
  4. Glude Bridge Left
  5. Plank Reach Throughs Right: can modify my completing on knees
  6. Plank Reach Throughs Left

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