21 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout

The holiday season is upon us. I have been crazy busy lately making the kid’s Halloween costumes and enjoying all kinds of fall festivities with our family. Don’t we have just about the most adorable owl and superman ever?


Unfortunately, all of the Halloween candy has been my mortal enemy over the past few weeks. I try my best to limit junk around the house, but the holiday season certainly poses a challenge (especially the one that revolves around candy). To combat my overindulgence lately, I have been pretty diligent about staying on track with my workouts. I wanted to share with you one that’s seriously been on my phone for the past 2 weeks, I’m just finally getting around to uploading it. Ugh, here’s to being a little more prompt next time ;). It’s quick, effective, and can essentially be done without weights. I added extra weight on a few of the exercises to make them a bit more challenging, but feel free to go solo or make use of weighted objects you may have around the house!

21 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout

  • Complete each exercise for 50 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest
  • Complete all of the movements in order 3 rounds through (total time=21 minutes)

  1. 3 Step Heisman (3 shuffle steps and then bring your inside leg up and really pull in and squeeze your abdominal wall)
  2. Narrow/Wide Squat Jumps (can perform without weight; try to drop your bottom at or below knee height)
  3. Plank Skiers with Hip Drop (bring knees as close to elbow as possible with a slight rotation and drop in the hip)
  4. Spider Pushup with Alternating Cross Knee (the cross spider knee rep can be difficult, but try your best to still go as low as possible; feel free to do a standard pushup followed by the spider knees if putting them all together in one movement is too challenging)
  5. Plank Walks (3 side movements and then push up from the forearms; focus on staying as low as possible)
  6. Weighted Single Toe Abs Right (can perform without weight)
  7. Weighted Single Toe Abs Left (can perform without weight)

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