Park Bench and 400s Workout

Rain, rain, and more rain. It seems to be quite the weather pattern around here lately. When I stepped outside this morning and felt the warm sunshine on my skin accompanied by a perfect 60 degrees, I knew I could not stay in the gym today. Continue reading “Park Bench and 400s Workout”


21 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout

The holiday season is upon us. I have been crazy busy lately making the kid’s Halloween costumes and enjoying all kinds of fall festivities with our family. Don’t we have just about the most adorable owl and superman ever?


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Weekend Total Body Workout with my Mini-me

Happy weekend ya’ll! I hope it was a fabulous one filled with quality time with loved ones. My husband David has been working crazy hours this week at the hospital, and the kids and I really missed him the last few days. Being married to a resident is very difficult during those weeks, and I am very thankful that he only has two years left. Needless to say the kids and I were pretty bummed out a good bit of the week, so I was determined to get out and enjoy the weekend with my two lovelies.  Continue reading “Weekend Total Body Workout with my Mini-me”

Total Body HIIT Workout #2

Today was my first day of teaching my new HIIT class. It was certainly a tough one, but a good one! We completed the following 10 exercises with a 50 second work period and 10 second rest period for 3 rounds (which equates to a 30 minute workout). We did take a 90 second break in between each round. We finished up the class with an ab blaster which I will happily share later :). Continue reading “Total Body HIIT Workout #2”

Full Body Circuit Training

I have such a love/hate relationship with circuit training. I love it because it hits so many muscles at once and improves my overall conditioning, however it always amounts to one killer workout! Right now, I typically break up my lifting days into

  • chest/triceps/shoulders
  • back/biceps/light legs
  • legs and
  • full body circuit training

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