Total Body HIIT Workout #2

Today was my first day of teaching my new HIIT class. It was certainly a tough one, but a good one! We completed the following 10 exercises with a 50 second work period and 10 second rest period for 3 rounds (which equates to a 30 minute workout). We did take a 90 second break in between each round. We finished up the class with an ab blaster which I will happily share later :). Continue reading “Total Body HIIT Workout #2”


22 Minute Treadmill Interval Training

Any kind of high intensity interval training (HIIT) is a sure way to blast major calories and burn fat in a relatively short amount of time. I try to incorporate 1 running (preferably 2 if I’m training for a race) running HIIT workout(s) into my weekly routines. Continue reading “22 Minute Treadmill Interval Training”

Full Body Circuit Training

I have such a love/hate relationship with circuit training. I love it because it hits so many muscles at once and improves my overall conditioning, however it always amounts to one killer workout! Right now, I typically break up my lifting days into

  • chest/triceps/shoulders
  • back/biceps/light legs
  • legs and
  • full body circuit training

Continue reading “Full Body Circuit Training”

Chicken Fajitas

What can I say, I am a lover of Mexican food! Fajitas, burritos, tacos, salsa, guacamole…the list could go on forever. Unfortunately, our budget (and waistlines) can’t do the authentic Mexican flavor found at a restaurant every time I’m craving Mexican. The ingredients on most seasoning packets can leave a lot to be desired…along with a lot of MSG. I also find that most seasoning packets are way too salty for my taste. Continue reading “Chicken Fajitas”

Pilot Mountain Day Hike and a Core Workout to Boot


Perfect summer weather = a perfect reason to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. I don’t know about where you all live, but it has been miserably hot and humid here in North Carolina. This weekend offered plenty of sunshine with low humidity so we knew we had to get outside and seize the day! We drove up to Pilot Mountain and spent the morning hiking with the kiddos. Continue reading “Pilot Mountain Day Hike and a Core Workout to Boot”